Plumbing & Electrical


  • Plumbing

    Matt’s Building Materials plumbing department has everything you need to fix or install a new faucet, toilet, or shower. We carry PVC piping ranging from ½” to 4” openings in a variety of lengths and angles. We have toilet repair kits, hoses, fittings, and anything you need to fix your home’s water supply.

  • Electrical

    Our electrical department carries a wide selection of common electrical equipment that you need to for most small jobs and fixes. Outlets, switch boxes, adapters, twist locks, speaker wiring, coaxial cables, testers, breaker finders, thermostats, fire alarms, clips and ties are just some of the products we carry.

    If you are not sure we have what you need, click the chat app below and ask an in-store employee.

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